In the following simple example you can see how an ImageNet of two connected Blocks is saved:

<XML Author="" ToolTip="">
    <Block CategoryPath="Image Acquisition" Title="Load Image" PosX="-175" PosY="-48" ID="1">
        <Properties ClassName="Load Image">
            <Properties Filename="Images/Bumblebee2/LibraryScene-01-L.png"/>
            <Properties Load_Default_Data="true"/>
    <Block CategoryPath="Preprocessing" Title="Color Conversion" PosX="11" PosY="-7" ID="2">
        <Properties ClassName="Color Conversion">
            <Properties OutFormat="GRAY"/>
        <InputArc TargetPort="0" StartID="1" StartPort="0"/>

This simple ImageNet is visualized on the next image as it is displayed in the ImageNet Designer.

Small Net

Corresponding ImageNet to the XML-File: Load Color Image Block connected to Color to Gray Conversion Block

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